Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where is April??? the big question....

Well, here i am, another day of emotional drama in my head...haha. But wait! Today, has been a bit different.... I was reminded of some words that spurred me on today. The words that reminded me of why i am here at seminary, and why i am feeling called to missions. Life is not even about me, yet i have focused on ME! What am i living for? I am living life to share the gospel, to love like Christ and share that Love, to forgive and heal, to let Christ heal me, to be like Christ in all areas of my life, even when i am by myself. I have been so inward focused on MY hurts, MY pains, MY life. And although God is doing great things in my life and teaching me more things about myself and what i can use in ministry, He is also reminding me of my calling, my focus should be to share the gospel and live a life to bring God glory! I am thankful for this reminder- sometimes we can get so self focused and want to fix every little thing that is wrong and can't move forward until everything is fixed...but if we were to live like this, we would never move forward. I have been stuck, and rather stumped and satan has used that to make my vision blurry about the calling the Lord has placed on my life! Well- you know what i have to tell Satan- "Leave me alone, I am going to bring God glory no matter what life kicks at me" So today, i am asking the Lord to give me not only strength, but protection, wisdom, and of course peace about the tornado i feel like that takes over my life. I am feeling so good, and so free!!!! Thank you Jesus- Credit goes to you!

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