Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you

This last weekend i realized, once again, that i am so unbelievably blessed.  As so often I take for granted the love that others have for me and how they share their love. 

This last weekend i had my lingerie shower my two aunts threw for me.  They went ALL out and did so much, over and beyond what i could have ever have expected or wanted.  They made me feel special, loved, and gave me lots of "tid bits" of  I am so thankful they took one of their weekends, a weekend i am sure could have been used doing MANY other things, but they were so selfless and made the weekend special for me.  Thank you Aunt Vickie and Aunt Nett!

I wanted to express how thankful i am to Katelyn, who also made it her goal to make my night special at my bachelorette party!  She prepared an awesome, fun night- full of laughter and fun!  Unfortunatly, because I am baptist (at least i am attributing it to this) my "dancing" skills need a little more practice! We had fun though, it was absolutly perfect.  I really appreciate all the girls spending their whole saturday with me- I really needed that girl time.  I loved how i was able to have individual conversations with each girl as they expressed what they are learning, or have already learned, and what they are going through at this point of their life as well as marriage advice- the do's and dont's.  I especially am thankful for a prayer said at the end of the night for me- you are so sweet Dessa!  I really appreciate how you were there all day with me, you opened your home, let us shower it up that afternoon, then took pictures and did anything i needed!  You are such a sweet friend- i know you have such a servants heart in all you do and it shows!  Michelle- thank you for traveling hours upon hours to come to support and be with me.  You are such a sweet friend/bridesmaid and i am so lucky/blessed to have you as one of my closest friends!  I can't wait to walk with you through the process of your engagment and being there for you!

I also wanted to express thanks to my mom!  I appreciate how she has made it her mission in life, to raise me and equip me with the Word of God to prepare me for my future life and marriage.  I know i have her support in whatever and wherever the Lord has lead me and I am so thankful for that!  God has used her in so many ways to speak guidance and wisdom into my life.  She has been faithful in raising me up in the ways of the Lord (Deut. 6).

I am continually reminded of the things in which i am thankful for.  This month is dedicated to Thanksgiving and the Lord continues to remind me of the blessings I have...over and over again.  One of my friends shared with me her list she made of why she loves her husband.  I thought that was a GREAT idea becuase there are so many things i love about Anthony- and learning new things each day.  I have known Anthony for a little over a year now and as we were reflecting on our "first date" and giddy place we both were last year for each other, we talked about where we are now.  Wow- this year has had its good and bad moments.  This year has been a lot of learning, and a lot of talking and a lot of realizing a lot abour myself.  I can't say i LOVED every minute of this year, but i can say that God has used this year to break and mold and rebuild and i wouldn't have changed that for the world.  Anthony and I have learned a lot about each other and about ourselves.  He is my best friend, and i am so blessed to have him in my life.  I couldn't imagine spending and living life with anyone else. 

I do not put Anthony on a pedistool, i know he his human, he messes up, he isn't perfect.  But I am reminded that i am not perfect either.  We are two imperfect people who have been placed in each other's life and this year has been a year of refinement, one of impurities coming to the surface as God is stripping us to make us more like Him.  I love Anthony for many reasons, and though he isn't perfect, he is perfect for me.  I am blessed.

Reasons why I love my Man...

1. Strengh- You are so strong Ant, and i love this about you.  I feel like when i am at my weakest points, i know i can depend and lean on you.  You dont dominate or demand anything- you just have natural, God given strength that attracts me to you.  i love how no situation is too big or hard to handle.  You get your strength from the Lord and that is evident!

2. Supportive- You are the one that is always there for me, to hold me when i cry, to give advice, to pray for me, to speak kind words. When i am having a bad week/day or better yet on a larger front, when i am frustrated with things going on in my life, i know i can ALWAYS count on you to be by my side.  You cheer me on and point me to the Lord.  You have always been my support and i know i can lean on you for any problem, big or small, and i know you seek my good and faithful to support any decisions that i make. 

3. Leader- You are the one i can depend on to tell me what i need to hear. Sometimes i dont want to hear what you have to say, i dont want to be confronted with sin, or see selfishness in myself, or see a critical heart, but i am so thankful that you care enough about our relationship and about me to be a leader and confront issues. Not only do you confront me, but you also strive to confront things in your own life.  I love how you lead us to talk about things, not run away (like  That is one thing that makes you are great leader, is that you want to work and talk things out, even if it is uncomfortable.  You confront me with a concerned, gentle heart and speak to me with kindness and i know that God has put you in my life, as the leader, to be my strength when i need to hear things in my life so i can be the woman God has called me to be.

4. Sensitive to my needs- You are so unbelievably good at trying to please me, even when it is inconvienient to you, even when you "can't understand, you seek to be understanding" (in the words of Ken Holland_.  You listen to my concerns, you listen when i talk, or when i cry.  You take things that i need from you and you constantly seek to be the best man for me.  You go out of your way to do anything i need and seek to please and make me happy, even if it is to let me have my way in the decorating (caddy corner) haha. 

5. Work- You work hard to be able to provide, and support me so i dont have to work so many hours or stress so much.  I know you are taking classes full time and working full time and yet you never complain about it.  You are such a blessing to me Ant. I love that you are not a lazy man, in fact, quite the opposite.  You do so much for our future and i love that you still manage to take me out on dates and do things for me despite any cost to you. 

6. You seek to make our relationship fruitful- I love how you have read books with me, and that we talk about how we can be better for each other.  I love that we have conversations of what the Lord is doing and how we should allow Him to direct our relationship. You are solid and thankful that though we are imperfect, and dont claim to be perfect, we are striving to be a couple who brings Glory to God-especially through the ways of how we treat each other.  I love how you seek to love me like Christ loves me!

7. Love Language-  I love how you understand my love language is words of affirmation.  The way you say sweet things and send me random text messages telling me you love me just makes me feel so special.  You are good with your words and i love that about you.  I love that you know what i am saying, even if i can't verbalize it fully.  You understand me and try to talk to me in a calm/loving way and even though sometimes i say things i dont mean, you try to calm me and help me with verbalizing what i mean to say.  Thank you for understanding that words are important, communication is important and i see this strength in you.

8. Stress free Zone- I love how you calm me down when i get too "strezzerated" hah.  You ALWAYS have tender words staring with "Baby, calm down, we will work everything out...dont stress... lets talk about it".  You put both your hands on my shoulders and pull me in for a hug.  It never fails, i always feel instantly relaxed and relieved and supported.  You have a special way of calming me down.  You know how to deal with my over anylyzing, pressure, and stress.  You are calm, you are stong, and you are helpful.  I know i can always count on you to be my "reasoning" head when it comes to letting stress take control.  You point out the good in any situation and seek to try to make things look a little clearer.
9. Fixer- I love how you are so handy and you always can take any problem,wheither it be a financial crises, a physical burden, a moving/packing situation, an organizing catastrophy, or just a plain ole simple broken picture frame- you are able to fix it.  You can fix anything that is broken or damaged or ruined.  I know that there is probably nothing you can't do, you are a man's man.  Through this last year i have seen you fix my car, fix my furniture, teach me how to use my own printer, fix the deer meat crisis (that was funny), fix my TV, and my phone.  I am sure there is much more you have fixed, but despite my limited knowledge you have accomplished a lot.   I know your dad taught you well (especially seeing what he can do with a broken four-wheeler!)

10. Relationships- I love how you want me to have good relationships with other girls.  You want me to be encouraged, supported, and spend time with others that also encourage me.  Thank you for offering to be gone on small group days so that i can have a group of girls come over to my apartment and hang out for as long as we need.  You always support me in having other relationships and i so appreciate that because i know you have that mindset that again, is for my good. I love that you want and encourage me to have good relationships with my family and my lifelong friends. 

I am so lucky to marry my best friend in 23 days.  I could go on and on with the list of reasons of why i love Anthony, but for now- these are the top 10!

Thank you for all who have invested their lives into mine- I am so blessed that the Lord continually refines my character and may i become more and more like Him everyday!


  1. Awww This was so sweet April! I am so happy for you! I think when you find that one guy/your best friend, all the attributes you named come out in them all! A few less or more with different guys, but as I was reading your reasons, I continually kept thinking about my husband Brian.

    Have fun planning the rest of your wedding. You will miss it once it is all over!

  2. I pray that you will always be as happy as you are now.